The silhouette of a rearing racehorse framed in a yellow field. Above it, “la striscia tricolori”: the green, white and red of the Italian flag. Below it, “Ferrari” written in uniquely distinctive block lettering. It’s an unmistakable symbol of excellence, quality, innovation, design, speed Italian culture… In short, everything that we are passionate about at Denis Frison.

Today, we are glad to share a bit of our recent conversation with Amir Sadrieh, Sales Manager of Ferrari Beverly and proud patron of Denis Frison.

Who Is Amir Sadrieh?

“Amir Sadrieh... Classy, competitor, stylish, over achiever, and won’t settle for anything but the best.”

“Our Passion For Cars Is One Of The First Things We Connected Over. Tell Us About Your Relationship With Ferrari And What It Means For You To Be Part Of The Family Of The World’s Greatest Brand In The Automotive Industry.”

“Ferrari... I live the brand. It is the most respected brand in the industry; I love everything that it offers. When you are able to understand there is no better automobile you will then understand Ferrari! It’s kind of like the government... you have to trust every decision they make.”

Your Style Is Always Delicately Balanced Between Classic And Contemporary, LA And Milan.

What About The Denis Frison Brand Made You Decide To Trust Us With Executing Your Sartorial Vision?”

“My connection with Denis was very similar to Ferrari: we know you can’t re-invent clothing, but what I saw in Denis was that you can perfect it. The perfect suit, the perfect blazer, timeless pieces that will always have a presence.”

"Who Is Denis For You? As A Designer And As The Man Behind The Brand?”

“Denis is first a friend; someone I’m honored to call a friend. When you have as much talent as Denis does in couture and you meet people like myself who dress pretty stylish. the slightest influence of his style made me dress even better! He’s truly a class act!”


What he’s wearing:

A slate grey worsted wool glen plaid suit featuring a purple overcheck. Amir chose to style this suit with a 2 button notch lapel blazer and flat front trousers with a signature Denis Frison extended waistband.