“Who Is Federico Salvatori? Tell Us About Your Profession And Why Personal Presentation Is So Important. ”

Federico Salvatori is an international real estate specialist and the Director of Luxury Estates for SFJ Group. Federico was born in Rome (Italy) but also has roots in Houston, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. He is fluent in Italian, French, and English. While he is a global citizen, Federico calls Los Angeles home. He is well connected to the movie and fashion industries and has repetitive clients who are investors, professional athletes, and in tech. 

Federico has worked in the interior design, jewelry, marketing, and event planning industries and received degrees in both Business Management and Supply Chain Operations Management. Customer service, communication, and adaptive problem solving are Federico’s primary strengths - ensuring that his clients have a smooth and seamless real estate transaction that will lead to a lasting relationship.

Personal representation is important for various reasons. Let’s begin with the fact that no matter the caliber of client, a real estate investment is often, if not always, the client’s biggest/most important investment.If a loved one needed a serious medical procedure, would it be wise for them to operate on themselves or would it be wiser to hire a seasoned specialist? Same goes for real estate, which is where Federico comes in,

Trust plays a foundational role. Without trust, there is no deal to be made. In other words, without a client’s trust you’re not even considered an option. Purchasing/selling real estate is complex. There are many moving pieces which is why knowledge, experience, persistency, discipline, and a team of hand-selected professionals for all aspects of the deal are critical. 

It’s similar to building a house - without a stable and solid foundation, it’s only a matter of time before everything collapses - that is not an option when dealing with your clients’ assets. Once a client that you’re consistently looking out for their best interest (aka you treat their investment(s) as if it was your own, you officially become a part of their arsenal - they won’t make moves without consulting you first.

Tell Us About How Your Style Has Evolved Over Time. Has Your Italian Heritage Played A Role In The Evolution Of Your Style?  

The older I get, the more I prefer simplicity. Quality has always been and will always be an important factor when I make a purchase. My color palette used to include a wide variety of options whereas now I tend to lean towards solid and dark royal colors (navy, burgundy, British racing green, etc...). Don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t mean the accent colors/pieces won’t be loud. I’m Italian, you will often catch me wearing things that people like but would not necessarily have the courage to wear. 

What’s Your Go-To Outfit For A Successful Showing With An Important Client?  

My go-to outfit would be a white dress shirt, Denis Frison Solaro double breasted blazer, burgundy pocket square, black denim, and an Edward green loafer. If it’s cold, I’ll often swap the dress shirt with a turtle neck - often navy.

“What Is Your Rapport With Denis And What Do You Think Of Denis Being Behind The Brand?”

Denis was introduced to me when he officially moved to LA. He certainly had a strong character which I could see being intimidating a good amount of people. I want to clarify that I said “strong” not “snob.” The reason for the clarification is that someone with Denis’ client list can often fall into a “everyone is beneath me” type of mentality. Not Denis though. Denis is known to go above and beyond with everyone. He is passionate about his product and you can most certainly tell any time you receive your piece. I even often ask Denis to add a surprise “touch” somewhere on the piece. To give you an example, one year I had to go to a gala event. I didn’t want the usual black tux, but had no idea what I’d replace it with. Denis came back to me with an emerald tux blazer that included a black silk shall lapel, covered buttons, and then swapped one of the cuff buttons with a sterling silver skull. To that he added black high waisted tux pants, a crisp white DF three quarter dress shirt, and a pair of custom black suede on black leather oxfords - in other words GAME OVER.

I’ve been out with Denis and no matter where we go, whether we’re in jeans and a t-shirt, winter wear, gym clothes, or in tuxes, you become the center of attention.  There’s always a creative twist he adds to the look that leaves people in awe. I kid you not, even big designers can’t help but to compliment how “the shoulder is perfect. I’ve never seen anything like that.” 

For me Denis brought the fun back into getting dressed (especially in a work environment) while continuing to be labeled best dressed wherever I go. Grazie Amico!

What he’s wearing:

Federico is wearing a Denis Frison archival vintage fabric made as a single breasted, two button, notch lapel blazer with hacking pockets and a ticket pocket. He paired his blazer with black single pleat trousers and a matching black shirt.