“I’ve ridden motorcycles since I was a kid; it’s a passion that along with racing and motorsports is somewhat of a family tradition, and I’ve lived the spirit of the motorcycle culture for my entire life.

I see the motorcycle is the foremost symbol of aggregation among individuals - a symbol of liberty and silence that prompts you to listen to the roads and mountains, to view the entire world. The motorcycle is an allegory for life - it takes you anywhere, usually alone, but as soon as you meet another biker, a family bond is immediately formed: a family of nomads made of fast stories and sincere greetings. The members of this family study one another just as wolves study each other before going on their own way.

I love motorcycles, their essence and their diversity that derives from the varying cast of characters that ride them. Men carry their character with them on those two wheels just like in tailoring, where we each choose colors and details that indicate our diversity. We allow the details of our motorcycles, or our suits speak for us before we do.”

“I’m happy to share a these pictures of my friend Kaino with you. He is a craftsman of Japanese origin that runs a custom shop out of Red Hook, Brooklyn; among bikers, such as myself, he is widely respected as the best custom builder on the East Coast. I have a profound appreciation for how Kaino employs his craft: he is a “lupo solitario” (a lone wolf), and an artist who pays great attention to precision and refined details in his work - just as many Japanese craftsmen that I have met in the past. It is such a pleasure for me to have found such a talented craftsman who comes from a country that I also have such a strong personal connection to.”

– Denis Frison

What he’s wearing

A full black double breasted coat made from our archival vintage casentino fabric with traditional Italian details: vented and belted back, patch pockets with flap and cuffed sleeves.