At 7408 Beverly Boulevard, there is the only Los Angeles destination that anyone with a penchant for mid-century Italian furniture and design needs to know about. Founded and curated by Maurizio Almanza, MA+39 offers a fresh and eclectic spin on the Italian mid century masters while integrating Almanza's custom pieces and "oggetti" from current and relevant talent.

Since the esthetic that Maurizio curates in his store coincides perfectly in that which is represented through Denis Frison clothing and styling, it didn’t take long for a synergy to develop between the two businesses and for a friendship to flourish between Denis and Maurizio.

Today, we sat down with Maurizio to hear more about his story and his unwaveringly refined taste.

Tell Us About Maurizio Almanza – Who Is He? Where Is He From? How Did He End Up In LA?

I was born and raised in Rome, which was my home until 1999 when I met my ex-wife who was from Los Angeles.  After two years of marriage, my wife, our daughter and I were tired of our usual routine and decided to try out a new adventure.  We moved to the US, where we gave ourselves a year to pursue our passion for Italian interior design.  After learning a new language and a new culture, and overcoming a few obstacles, I managed to create my dream store, originally called “eccola,” and later renamed to the current “ma+39”. 

 The store’s focus is centered on the most important Italian designers from the 1950s – 1980s like Ponti, Fontana and many others. When I perceive a common denominator between pieces, it’s not uncommon for me to match these mid-century designs to antique or even contemporary pieces!

Your Store Is A True Landmark In Los Angeles For Those Who Are Passionate About Interior Design. You Have An Amazing Ability To Mix A Mid-Century Italian Esthetic With Both Ancient And Contemporary Elements.

What Is It That Informs Your Sense Of Good Taste? What Common Elements To You Find In The Denis Frison Brand?

The relationship between simplicity and detail is the greatest influence in my sensibility for design.  I search for clean lines that at the same time have soul and transmit emotion. This balance is what, for me, makes things timeless.

I actually find these characteristics reflected in the Denis Frison brand: simple silhouettes, but special attention dedicated to important details like the selection of fabrics and in the study of seemingly minimal details that make each suit a distinctive piece representative of a brand.

How Would You Describe Denis?

A way to describe Denis?... Pretty hard to sum it up with just one word.  He is certainly an extraordinarily creative person; he is reserved and modest, despite the fact that he dressed many big names from cinema and public personalities.

Denis is certainly someone who I’d trust my image with.


What he’s wearing

A two button blazer made of a mid-grey worsted wool herringbone fabric. Maurizio chose to style this blazer with classic details, such as a notch lapel, dark horn buttons and two flap pockets with a “barchetta” chest pocket.