In New York, when it comes time to decide where to eat, you really have just two choices: any restaurant, or Cipriani Downtown. At Denis Frison, we tend to choose Cipriani.

We recently met with Federico Contu, Manager of Cipriani Downtown, for an espresso and chatted about his outlook on life in New York, his career and his view on luxury. 

Who Is Federico Contu?

Federico Contu is a person who made it on his own. He is a chameleon who is capable of adapting to any country or situation, as needed.

The success I have had in my career is due to my disciplined approach and my ability to understand people.

I’ve never been much of a talker, I prefer to “do”… and that is what makes me a manager.

What Is Does Luxury Mean To You?

To me, luxury represents a devotion to first class quality in every detail. Luxury is forever; it’s that x-factory that allows someone or something reach great heights. Most of all, Luxury is not necessarily tied to a brand - it’s a way of living, a way of understanding.

“Tell Us... What Does New York Mean To You?”

It’s not easy for me to describe… New York is “all against all,” but… all together.

“Who Is Denis For You? As A Designer And As The Man Behind The Brand?”

The Denis Frison brand represents the iconic Italian class of days gone by; the creation of unique products with fantastic cuts that flatter a man’s build in every way. I will always dress Denis Frison!

Denis himself is a gentleman. He is a clothier, but most of all, he is a man with very clear ideas. He is a straight to the chase kind of guy who is very qualified in what he does.

Over time, Denis became a friend that I will always be faithful to.


What he’s wearing

A dusty navy worsted wool suit with khaki pinstripes. Federico chose to style this suit with a double breasted blazer featuring covered buttons and single pleat trousers with a signature Denis Frison “fascione” extended 6cm waistband.